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Hair Care & Use-How to wash/care your hair/wig?

To add a new question go tWhen you wash the hair, better to brush it first. Use warm water and hair shampoo to wash for twice. Then put hair conditioner equally on the hair for 5 minutes. Then wash it with cleaning water. Hair conditioner is very necessary every time when you wash your hair! We suggest you to use high quality hair conditioner. If you want to blow your hair dry, please blow to 80% dry, then keep the rest 20% to naturally dry, by this way, it will keep your hair away from drying and frizzy!When you feel the hair is very dry, you can spray some hair oil. Meanwhile, when you wash the hair, you can pour little hair care oil into warm water ,and put the hair inside that warm water for 10 minutes around. The hair will be more silk and soft comparing before. But we don’t suggest you to use hair oil everyday. Because hair oil may make your hair strands dry and hard!If you want to get your hair curls back, better to use crimping iron to curl the hair according to its original curl shape again! It is our commitment at Luvme Hair to provide our clients with an unparalleled alternative hair shopping experience.o app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

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